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Where the difference in ordinary and extraordinary

is that little something "extra" ! 



Academically/Intellectually gifted students are expected to be challenged on his/her academic ability level.


This means quality not quantity! 

The focus of the AIG program is to provide teaching practices that will promote student success by appropriately differentiating instruction to meet the needs of each learner. This may be done through curriculum compacting, critical thinking and problem solving activities, intensive vocabulary development, tiered assignments, technology, open-ended problems, and inquiry-based activities. At Wallburg Elementary, students who are identified as academically/intellectually gifted receive AIG services each week. It is a rigorous program where students are taught extention of the Common Core State Standards as well as participate in critical thinking through enrichment activities. I believe in quality instruction that encourages critical thinking. It is important that teachers, parents, and students work together to help students grow and succeed.