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Hello there!  Glad to see that you visited.  I keep all assignments and daily lessons on the classroom calendar so click on over there and make sure you are keeping on track.  This is great if you are absent or forgot your agenda at school.  Get your work done and then go do something fun!

We are reading a variety of Folklore including fables, folktales, legends and myths.  This is a fun unit and the reading is usually light and carefree! We have learned that Folklore passes down the values of a culture.  We will look at the values of slave culture; we will discover why the scandinavian god, Odin, sacrificed an eye; and, we will become aware that Folklore is often re-told and each tale may vary a bit. 

The students are preparing their second "Words & Numbers" projects with brainstorming about ways they could improve our Ledford Community.  Then, they had to create a survey and pass them out in order to get data.  Using the data to see if there is a high interest in their project (or needing to revise their survey), they wrote letters to address authority with a proposal.  These are to include reasoning skills and a persuasive tone.  This is an effort to address 21st Century Skills with our students and for them to be better prepared for "real life" experiences.


I have met many of you asking me what you can do to help and I have an idea!  I have books missing from a series or books that are so high in demand that I can't keep up with the requests.  Since I simply can't refuse a child from reading, here is the list.  They may be gently used!  Thank you in advance - it is HUGELY appreciated!

The Legend series by Marie Lu (includes The Prodigy & The Champion)

The Divergent series by Veronica Roth (includes Insurgent & Allegiant)

A Child Called, IT by Dave Pelzer (I used to have 14; Now, I'm down to three and can't keep it on the shelf!)

The biographical series "Who Was...." and choose any person you want.

Zach's Lie by Roland Smith

Forged by Fire by Sharon Draper (Here's another book that any child will read!)

OR any favorite book that you remember from being a young teen. Remember, they don't have to be brand new!

Keep checking this space as the year progresses.  Again, thank you for the support!