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Common Core Information

The Common Core State Standards include the key knowledge and skills that all students are expected to learn at each grade. These standards do not tell teachers exactly how to get students to meet the standards. This is important so that teachers have flexibility to make local choices about how fast they cover material, reading selections, student assignments, textbooks and other tools that will help students develop their skills and knowledge. While all students are expected to meet the standards, there can be many different routes to get there.

The standards are a road map for learning. Teachers can guide students along different routes to their destination, but the key goal is to reach the standards, or the destination, in this example. Please click on the link above for an overview of the standards for grade spans, kindergarten through Grade 3, Grades 4-5, middle school and high school. Also provided are links to online resources if you want more detail. As parents, you are probably eager to understand what your child will learn each year and how you can support their learning.

This document is a starting point. Your child’s teachers and principals can provide even more details about how they will use the Standard Course of Study in their schools and classrooms with your child.

Common Core State Standards – A complete listing and explanation of the Common Core State Standards can be found at: