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Virtual Academy (High School)

Davidson County Schools Virtual Academy
The Davidson County Schools Virtual Academy provides high school students with a flexible, personalized online learning experience. 
We invite students to create their own learning experience through our virtual options.
Students working at computers in Davidson County Schools

What Do We Do?

Davidson County Schools Virtual Academy courses provide opportunities for students to learn in an online environment in courses that are developed and taught by highly qualified teachers employed by Davidson County Schools.  


Our Goals

  • Increase access to learning opportunities for students
  • Foster mastery of new knowledge while maintaining high academic standards
  • Develop the digital literacy skills and competencies needed to ensure that learners are prepared for the future



Course Offerings

Advancement Placement Courses (AP)

AP Calculus AB (Yearlong - 2 Credits)

AP Earth and Environmental Science (Semester - 1 Credit)

AP European History (Yearlong - 1 Credit)

AP Government (Semester - 1 Credit)

AP Human Geography (Semester - 1 Credit)

AP Language (Yearlong - 2 Credits)

AP Literature (Yearlong - 1 Credit)

AP Psychology (Yearlong - 1 Credit)

AP Statistics (Yearlong - 2 Credits)

AP U.S. History (Yearlong - 1 Credit)

AP World History (Yearlong - 1 Credit)

Honors and Well-Rounded Courses

Discrete Math-Honors (Semester 1- Credit)

Physics-Honors (Semester - 1 Credit)

Spanish 2 (Semester - 1 Credit)