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Virtual Academy (High School)

Davidson County Schools Virtual Academy
The Davidson County Schools Virtual Academy provides high school students with a flexible, personalized online learning experience. 
We invite students to create their own learning experience through our virtual option.
Students working at computers in Davidson County Schools

What Do We Do?

Davidson County Schools Virtual Academy courses provide opportunities for students to learn in an online environment in courses that are developed and taught by highly qualified teachers employed by Davidson County Schools.  


Our Goals

  • Increase access to learning opportunities for students
  • Foster mastery of new knowledge while maintaining high academic standards
  • Develop the digital literacy skills and competencies needed to ensure that learners are prepared for the future


Course Offerings

Advancement Placement Courses (AP)

  • Intro to Calculus Honors/AP Calculus AB (2 Semesters - 2 Credits)
  • AP Earth and Environmental Science (1 Semester - 1 Credit)
  • AP European History (Yearlong - 1 Credit)*
  • AP Government (1 Semester - 1 Credit)
  • AP Human Geography (1 Semester - 1 Credit)
  • Intro to American Lit Honors/AP Language (2 Semesters - 2 Credits)
  • Intro to British Lit Honors/AP Literature (2 Semesters - 2 Credits)
  • AP Psychology (Yearlong - 1 Credit)*
  • Intro to Statistics Honors/AP Statistics (2 Semesters - 2 Credits)
  • Intro to American Studies Honors/AP U.S. History (2 Semesters - 2 Credits)

Honors and Well-Rounded (Non-AP) Courses

  • Discrete Math for Computer Science Honors (1 Semester 1- Credit)
  • Physics Honors (1 Semester - 1 Credit)
  • Spanish 2 (1 Semester - 1 Credit)
  • Visual Art - Beginning (1 Semester - 1 Credit)











Course Rigor

  • Unlike traditional face-to-face courses, remote learning, and some other online courses, DCSVA courses are self-paced and require much independence and motivation from the student.
  • Students must utilize independent problem solving skills and be willing to communicate with teachers frequently (daily if needed).
  • Live, direct instruction will not occur daily in all DCSVA courses.
Enrollment Requirements
NOTE: Some courses have differing enrollment requirements. Check with your school counselor for eligibility.
  • Score a level 3 or higher on the English II End-Of-Course Exam.
  • Possess a weighted GPA of 3.50 or higher (if enrolling in an Honors/AP course) or a weighted GPA of 3.0 or by principal placement (if enrolling in a standard level course).
  • Reflect a C (or better) average on all previous virtual coursework to date.
Commitments Required
  • Commit to working in the virtual course daily (Monday through Friday).
  • Dedicate the recommended time of 90 minutes daily. *45 minutes daily for Yearlong - 1 Credit
  • Adhere to the Davidson County Schools expectations regarding acceptable use of technology.
  • Maintain satisfactory attendance as outlined in the Davidson County Schools attendance policy.
  • Commit to taking the Advanced Placement exam for any AP course.
  • Comply with and follow the course Honor Code.
Academic Integrity
  • Davidson County Schools expects students to maintain academic integrity and honesty while participating in online courses.
    • These expectations include, but are not limited to the following:
      • Students’ work (such as assignments, postings, tests, and projects) must be original.
      • Student collaboration with others on any assignment must be pre-approved by instructors.
      • Plagiarism, copyright infringement, and falsifying work are unacceptable.
  • Academic dishonesty in online classes will not be tolerated. 
  • Students engaging in academic dishonesty will receive a zero on the assignment with no option to resubmit or replace the assignment. 
  • In addition, teachers will refer incidents of academic dishonesty to the student’s home school principal for disciplinary action.


  • Course grades for all DCSVA students are housed in Canvas. 
  • Final grades will not be reported until the end of the semester or school year (depending on the course credit).
    • Grades will not appear on reporting term report cards
    • The comment HS048 will serve as a reminder of this protocol
  • Parents need a Canvas Parent Observer account or should sign up for the Canvas Parent App to access their student’s grades.
  • A student’s coursework grade counts as 80% of the final grade. At the end of the course/year, this coursework grade will be entered as the grade for each quarter.
  • The exam grade counts as 20% of a student’s final grade.

Final Exam

  • Students enrolled in an Advanced Placement course through the Virtual Academy will not be eligible to exempt the final exam.  For AP courses that have an intro level honors course and for all other courses, the exam exemption policy applies.
  • Following the College Board AP Exam, all students will complete a project-based learning opportunity that will count as their exam grade, which is 20% of their final grade 
  • Students will not be required to attend their home school on the scheduled exam day, unless perfect attendance is desired or the student has 8 absences per semester.


  • There will be a maximum of eight (8) absences allowed per semester for students participating in a DCSVA course. Students in 1st–4th period DCSVA courses will be assigned to a learning lab environment and are expected to report there daily for their work.
    • Students who exceed these absence limits for any reason shall not receive grade or course credit unless they are granted a waiver.  
    • It is important to note that an excused absence is not a waived absence. 
  • Even though this course is online, all absences are calculated and count toward a student’s maximum number of allowable absences unless formally waived.