Parent Portal

Davidson County Schools launched the PowerSchool Parent Portal on March 31st, the beginning of the 4th Quarter of the 2013-2014 school year. PowerSchool's Parent Portal is an online resource for parents that gives them access to their child's:
-Grades & Attendance
-Grade History
-Attendance History
-Teacher Comments
-School Bulletin
-Email Notifications detailing your child's academic progress

Click here to log in to the Parent Portal:

What is PowerSchool?
PowerSchool is the NC state-wide student information system that is used to manage student information including but not limited to: attendance, demographics, grades, schedules, discipline and more.

What is the Parent Portal?
The PowerSchool Parent Portal is one component of the PowerSchool Student Information System that provides parents/guardians with access to view their child’s grades and attendance information.

Is the Parent Portal secure?
Yes it is, the program requires a username and password that the individual userwill create. It also has SSL encryption which is signified by the https: in the URL.

How do I access the Parent Portal?
You will receive an access ID and password at your child’s school. Once you have that you will type in the address bar on your internet browser. (The recommended browser for use is Mozilla Firefox). On your first login you will create an account by following the Creating an Account for the Parent Portal guidelines on our website.

Can I access all of my children with one account?
Yes, you can. The single sign on feature lets you attach multiple children to your account as long as you have an access ID and password for each individual child.

If parents are divorced or separated; can each parent have an individual account to access their child’s information?
Yes, each parent can create their own account with their own username and password. One access ID will be given per student on the initial roll-out. Additional access will need to obtained in person at your child’s school.

Will I need a new access ID and password each year?
If your child is returning to the same school in Davidson County Schools, all of your login information will stay the same.

What happens if my child transfers to another school?
As long as your child transfers within the Davidson County School system, your child’s information will remain attached to the account you have already created.

What if I forget my username or password?
If you forget your username or password, you can click on the “Having Trouble Signing In?” link on the sign in page and PowerSchool will email your information to you.