Section Six: Students


6.4  Attendance


6.5  Student Promotion and Accountability 
     6.5.1  High School Graduation Requirements

6.9  Deleted

6.10  Student Behavior Policies
    6.10.1  Authority of School Personnel
    6.10.2  Rules for Use of Seclusion and Restraint in Schools
    6.10.3  School Plan for Management of Student Behavior
    6.10.4  Disciplinary Action for Exceptional Children/Students with Disabilities

6.11  Standards of Expected Student Behavior
    6.11.1  Rules of Conduct and Consequences of Actions
          Rule 1:  Disruption of School
          Rule 2:  Damage or Destruction of School Property
          Rule 3:  Damage or Destruction of Private Property
          Rule 4:  Assaults, Threats, and Harassment
          Rule 5:  Weapons, Bomb Threats, Terrorist Threats, and Clear Threats to Safety
          Rule 6:  Narcotics, Alcoholic Beverages and Stimulant Drugs (Including Drug Paraphernalia) and other Prohibited        Substances
          Rule 7:  Abuse or Distribution of Over-the-Counter Medications
          Rule 8:  Repeated School Violations
          Rule 9:  Student Tobacco Use Policy
          Rule 10: Integrity and Civility
          Rule 11: Suspensions from Athletic and Extra-Curricular Activities
          Rule 12: Gang-Related Activity
          Rule 13: Theft, Trespass, and Damage to Property
    6.11.2  Procedures to be Followed for Suspensions and Expulsions of Students
    6.11.3  Long-Term Suspension, 365-Day Suspension, Expulsion
    6.11.4  Student Discipline Hearing Procedures
    6.11.5  Student Discipline Records
    6.11.6  Requests for Readmission of Students Suspended for 365 Days or Expelled

6.12  School Level Investigations
    6.12.1  Student Searches
    6.12.2  Behavior Standards for Transfer Students
    6.12.3  Criminal Behavior

6.13  Student Sex Offenders

6.14  Student Records
    6.14.1  Confidentiality of Personal Identifying Information
    6.14.2  Surveys of Students

6.15  School Safety
    6.15.1  Internet Safety
    6.15.2  Student Insurance Program

6.16  Curriculum Development
    6.16.1  Dual Enrollment
    6.16.2  Online Instruction
    6.16.3  Innovation in Curriculum and Instruction
    6.16.4  Curriculum and Instructional Guides
    6.16.5  Lesson Planning
    6.16.6  Grouping for Instruction
    6.16.7  Homework
    6.16.8  Evaluation of Instructional Programs

6.17  Private Tutoring

6.18  Athletic Review Committee Policy

6.19  Lunch Period

6.20  School Nutrition Services - Charge Policy

6.21  Release of Students from School

6.22  Deleted

6.23  Resolution Regarding Motor Vehicles and Mechanical Devices on Public School Property

6.24  Deleted

6.25  High School Examination Policy

6.26  Student Fees

6.27  Deleted

6.28  Child Abuse - Reporting and Investigations

6.29  Goals of Student Health Services
    6.29.1  Organization of Student Health Services
    6.29.2  Student Health Services
    6.29.3 Administering Medicines to Students
    6.29.4  Automated External Defibrillator
    6.29.5  Concussion and Head Injury
    6.29.6  Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders and Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment (MOST) Student Health Care Plan

6.30  Middle School Athletic Penalty Code for Davidson County Schools

6.31  Deleted

6.32  Communicable Diseases - Students

6.33  Prohibition Against Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying

6.34  Students with Special Needs
    6.34.1  Religious-Based Exemptions from School Programs
    6.34.2  Religion in the Schools
    6.34.3  Special Education Programs/Rights of Students with Disabilities
    6.34.4  Citizenship and Character Education

6.35  Procedure for Enrollment, Grading and Classification of Home School Students

6.36  Head Lice Control

6.37  Student Dress and Appearance

6.38  Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying Complaint Procedure

6.39  Equal Educational Opportunities
    6.39.1  Parental Involvement
    6.39.2  Translating Policies for Students and Parents
    6.39.3  Student and Parent Grievance Procedure
    6.39.4  Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disabilities
    6.39.5  Education for Pregnant and Parenting Students