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What is the Panorama Student Survey?
Davidson County Schools is committed to attending to the social, emotional, and mental health needs of all students. The Panorama Student Survey was developed to help us do that by seeking direct student feedback in the following areas: 
  • School climate
  • Supportive relationships
  • Sense of belonging
  • School Safety
  • Self-management
  • Social awareness
  • Emotion regulation
Who takes the Panorama Student Survey?
The Panorama Student Survey will be administered in Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 to all students K-12 whose guardian provides consent to complete the survey. The self-report survey is for students in grades 3-12. Teachers in grades K-2 will complete a modified version of the survey to collect teacher perceptions of students’ social and emotional learning skills.
What’s in the survey?
The survey for students asks questions about how students perceive themselves, their social-emotional competencies, and their schools. The self-report student survey for grades 3-12 will take about 15-20 minutes to complete and you may view the content of that survey here:
The teacher perception survey for students in grades K-2 will take about 2 minutes for teachers to complete and you may view those questions here: 
How are the results from the Panorama Student Survey used? 
The Panorama Student Survey results will allow us to better understand, serve, and support our students in Davidson County Schools. The district and our schools use the survey to evaluate progress toward our current Davidson County Schools Strategic Plan and to set new goals. Principals and school teams use the results to decide on new interventions and programs to improve school climate and social-emotional learning, and many schools incorporate this data into their annual School Improvement Plans.
Where can I find out more about the Panorama survey platform? 
The Panorama Website offers a plethora of resources to explore. Here are a few links you may find helpful: