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250 County School Rd. | Lexington, NC 27292 phone Phone: 336-249-8182 phone Fax: 336-249-1062
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Technology Updates

DCS Wide Area Network (WAN) Lit Fiber
Bid Opening Date: December 3, 2018 | Time: 2:00 PM
Location: 2065 E. Holly Grove Road, Suite A, Lexington, NC 27292
Technical Contact: Keith Koonts | 336.242.5573 |
Administrative Contact: Anna Miller | 336.242.5574 |
Q:    Are you willing to consider a managed Layer 3 WAN service as a bid response?
A:  We are not requesting a bid for managed services.
Q:    It does not appear that the location below is listed in the RFP.  Do you still plan to have a connection at this
A:  Central Office @ 250 County School Rd, Lexington, NC, 27292 #12   
              Yes, this site need to be added to the current list of locations that will need a connection.

Q:    Please clarify the response format requested in the Scope of Work #12. Thank you
A:  Please provide a document that verifies items 5 -12 are covered by the bidding company as they are
            requested in the RFP WAN scope of work.
Q:    Would the district consider alternative longer term contracts if it allowed superior economic terms for a highly
             scalable lit fiber network?
A:  No, a longer contract might limit the district from access to current or new evolving Technologies.

Q:    Would the district consider alternative proposals/contract terms that proposed “Special Construction Charges”
             to take advantage of the FCC Second E-Rate Modernization Order and the State of North Carolina’s special
             matching fund, which has been specifically earmarked for this special purpose?  
A:  No, as stated in the answer above, it could be a disadvantage to be in a long term contract with current
             advances in Fiber capabilities.
Q:  Just clarifying your Hub Site options on your RFP. I see there are three listed, two of which are the same.
             Do you want all sites going back to all hub sites? Or what are you wanting in the design?
A:  The 2065 East Holly Grove Rd site shares with YVRCA, and Davidson County High School and do not 
             require but one connection to the Hub. The Central Office site is at 250 County Home Road and does require
             a Fiber connection back to 2065 East Holly Grove Rd hub site. 
RFP Change Alert
The following location will need to be added to the quote.
Central Office @ 250 County School Rd, Lexington, NC, 27292 #12