Libby Ferrell » Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

My mission is to equip DCS staff and students with the necessary skills and knowledge to harness the power of instructional technology tools for meeting standards-based instructional goals.
My vision is to revolutionize the ways we teach and learn through the use of digital technologies to foster creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving.
I work with staff and students to incorporate relevant and rigourous teaching and learning opportunities using  digital resources. Edtech tools are changing the way we teach and learn everyday and I am always looking for new ways to support teachers who are looking to enhance the use of technology in their classroom while supporting standards-based instruction in all classroom settings.
My goals for the year include:
  • Increasing capacity for utilizing digital tools for personalized learning K-12
  • Empowering teachers to be effective communicators using the latest tools
  • Support DCS library media staff and school media technology committee goals
  • Providing individualized support for student-centered learning using digital tools
  • Support DCS Robotics coaches and teams in programming and operation of EV3 robots
  • Modeling and providing professional development to build capacity with the Digital Teaching and Learning Competencies