Gifted Program Advisory Council

The Role of GPAC
GPAC Representatives 2020-2021





Wallburg Elementary


Welcome Elementary

Hannah Potter


Reeds Elementary

Tiffany Yancey

Midway Elementary

Allyson Medlin


Jessica Ward



Keri Lovell





Tyro Middle


Brown Middle

Sabrina Ward

South High School

Valeree Adams 

Central High School

Ted Myers


Oak Grove High

Brady Farlow 

East Davidson High

David Olshinski


Ledford Middle

Savannah Kepley

Central Middle

Chris Sprayberry

Middle School AIG Specialist

Ashley Coons

Middle School Counselor

North Middle

Misti Butts

High Counselor

West High

Suzan Tedder

North High

Paul Piatkowski

West Davidson High School

Jenny Burkhart

High School AIG Specialist

Pam Cutshaw


Ledford High School

Dr.  Melissa Glover

Central Middle

Tammy Bush


Additional Representatives


Ashley Carroll

Board of Education Member

Dr. Emily Lipe


Dr. Deana Coley

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Casey Milstead

Director of Secondary Education and Digital Learning

April Willard

Director of Elementary Education and Title I

Sally Sturdivant

District AIG Program Coordinator

Sheila Potter

 Administrative Assistant (K-12)


Gifted Parents Advisory Minutes

Thursday, December 10th,  2020

Members present:  Sally Sturdivant, Ashley Coons , Brady Farlow, Chris Sprayberry, David Olshinski, Hannah Potter, Jenny Burkhart, Jessica Ward, Keri Lovell, Misti Butts, Pam Cutshaw , Paul Piatkowski, Savannah Kepley, Sheila Potter, Suzan Tedder, Tammy Bush, Ted Myers, Tiffany Yancey, Ashley Carroll, Dr. Melissa Glover

Due to COVID restrictions this meeting was held via zoom.  Meeting began at 9 am and adjourned at 10:30 am.

Sally Sturdivant, Instructional Student Support Coordinator, welcomed everyone.  The welcoming inclusion activity was a camera on/camera off introduction.

GPAC purposes and functions were reviewed with the group as well as updated informational fliers showcasing a comprehensive K-12 AIG program.

Teacher training updates:  Two hundred and forty K-12 teachers in DCS hold AIG licensure or have completed a locally developed training course.  Forty-five teachers are currently enrolled in our locally developed AIG training course.  This course has been updated to include remote learning resources.

New to AIG services:  AIG school based specialists were able to complete the spring screening and testing cycle this fall.  Our screening of third grade students in February will be converted to an on-line platform.  Supplemental instructional materials have been ordered for Honors English 1 courses.  Triviafest will be held for all high school students in January.  High school AIG students will receive announcements for the event.

Data Review:  The members present reviewed two sets of data concerning AIG students.  The group analyzed the % of AIG students in DCS by grade level.  There has been a decrease in the % of fourth grade students.  Students who would have typically qualified based on achievement experienced instructional losses at the end of third grade.

The % of AIG students failing one or more classes was analyzed as well by the council.  1% of elementary students are failing one or more classes.  While 18% and 21.6% of middle and high school students respectively are failing one or more classes.  The group discussed possible reasons and remedies for this situation.

The Distance Learning Playbook for Parents

Participants received a copy of The Distance Learning Playbook for Parents before the meeting.  This text was used as a platform for a variety of activities for professional development with the GPAC members.