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Online Substitute Teacher Course


Davidson County Schools Effective Substitute Training with Substitute Orientation is mandatory training for NEW substitutes in order to be an approved sub for the 2022-2023 school year. You will not need to take the training if you are an inactive or active teacher, taken the App Garden 8 hour online substitute training course before, are a retired, licensed or expired licensed teacher, a student teacher who has completed their student teaching placement or have been a Teacher Assistant in North Carolina. In these cases, please contact Crystal Asbury at

[email protected] for additional paperwork.

The online course is intended for NEW substitute teachers in Davidson County Schools. To be considered, a current application must be on file. To complete an application, visit the Davidson County Schools Job Board.

The VIRTUAL training is offered by the App-Garden University. There are many benefits to you as a sub such as the ability to train anytime and anywhere you have access to internet. It is so important that we as a district keep you current on the board policies and procedures as well as giving you great tips and ideas for being a successful substitute teacher. This training is required of all NEW subs in order for our district to meet compliance requirements.

Once you complete the training, please reach out to Crystal Asbury ([email protected] at the central office for further instructions in the substitute teacher hiring process. Please complete an online application (Generic Substitute Teacher on the Job Board) if you have not already done so.

You may review the course as many times as you feel necessary within your one year enrollment in the course which begins on the date of the purchase. You will go to the following link to purchase the Davidson County Schools Substitute Teacher training. The cost for the training is $49.  If you fail the online substitute teacher course three times, you will be locked out of the system for a six week wait period.
After the six weeks, you will be able to be reactivated.

The link will guide you through the registration process to purchase the course. Once the purchase has been made, you will have immediate access to the course. However, if you need to exit out of the course and log back into the course at another time, you will use the link below:

If you have questions or problems, you may submit a support ticket to the App-Garden Help Desk. To submit a help/support desk ticket, please click on the link below:

Again, we appreciate you and the service you give our children.

If you need further assistance, please contact Crystal Asbury. 

[email protected]


Dr. Brandy Reeder,

Director of Human Resources
Davidson County Schools