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National Board Certification

National Board Certification is recognized as the gold standard in teacher certification with a belief that a higher standard for teachers means better learning for students. 


Please contact Karen Sauerbrey for questions regarding Nation Board Certification [email protected]

 or 336-242-5614.



The links below provide valuable information about the National Board Certification process and/or support:


Guide to National Board Certification

Getting Starting Help Guide

NCDPI Candidate Support

Benefits of  NBCT in NC

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

NCAE National Board Support

NCCAT National Board Support

National Board FAQs

MOC Support



Davidson County Schools  FAQs:


1.Does DCS offer funding towards pursuing my NBCT?

Davidson County Schools does not offer loans or reimbursement to those pursuing their National Board Certification.  However, the state of North Carolina does offer a loan you can apply for.  Click the link for more information:  State of NC NBCT Loan 

State Funding contact:  Toya Kimbrough (984) 236-2105 or [email protected]


  1. Will I receive CEU credits toward my license for receiving or maintaining my National Boards?  Yes, you will receive the following: 
  • 8.0 CEU's for attempting and/or completing all components
  • 2.0 CEU's for successful renewal of National Board Certification (1 for content and 1 for literacy)
  1. Will I receive paid workdays to work on my National Boards? North Carolina provides every ELIGIBLE* initial candidate three days of paid professional leave. The 3 days are for new candidates only; not renewals. There is a code that payroll uses for these daysMore Information available at:
  2. What  guidelines does DCS implement for videoing lessons?  You will need to use the NB release form before videoing students.  Please make certain every guardian signs and returns this form prior to recording.  If you do not receive consent, that specific student should not be shown.  Also adhere to our county FERPA forms on file.  


  1. Are there classes or workshops offered by DCS to help with the National Board process?

Once a year the district coordinator for National Boards will host an optional session on “Getting Started.”  Other optional dates throughout the school year will be offered for collaborating and helping with written revisions.  


There are also online Canvas courses offered through NBPTS:

NBPTS (National Board for Professional Teaching Standards) offers self-paced and unfacilitated virtual courses for teachers in Canvas. Teachers interested in learning more about National Board Certification or looking for virtual support resources can self-enroll in these free courses:


Introduction to National Board Certification 

This course is a collection of resources and guided learning activities for educators interested in pursuing National Board Certification and want to learn more about the standards and certification process. The course is designed to be used in one sitting or throughout the year. Candidates can self-enroll in this course.


Preparing for National Board Certification for Candidates 

This course is designed for teachers pursuing National Board Certification. It is populated with videos, tools, and resources for candidates. Candidates can self-enroll in this course.  


National Board MOC (Maintenance of Certification)

This course is designed for current NBCTs working on their MOC (Maintenance of Certification). It is populated with videos, tools, and resources for MOC candidates. Candidates can self-enroll in this course.