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Pest Management Information

Annual Notification of Pest Management Program
The goal of the Integrated Pest Management Coordinator (IPM) is to ensure DCS is in compliance with the State regulations in the use of pesticides and works with our Pest Control Contractors verifying that all school sites are safe from pests.

Davidson County Schools adopted an Integrated Pest Management Policy to comply with the North Carolina School Children's Health Act. IPM is a holistic, preventive approach to managing pests that minimizes pesticide use in our schools and on school grounds.

Our school system may find it necessary to use pesticides to control pests at your school or other school system sites. North Carolina state law gives you the right to be notified 72 hours in advance of pesticide applications. To exercise that right you must fill out the Request for Notification form (found below) and return it to the school principal. This form must be filled out yearly.
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Integrated Pest Management Information