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Bus Stop Guidelines

Pre-K through 3rd Grade Bus Stop Guidelines

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Davidson County Schools requires that Pre-K through 3rd Grade students be supervised at their designated afternoon (PM) bus stop location by a parent and/or legal guardian.

Parents and/or legal guardians must be at the designated bus stop location in the afternoon (PM) to receive their Pre-K through 3rd Grade student(s) from the school bus.

If there is not a parent and/or legal guardian at the designated afternoon (PM) bus stop to receive their Pre-K through 3rd Grade student(s), the student(s) will be transported to the next school on the bus route.

NOTE: this could be an Elementary, Middle or High School.
Bus Rider Removal Guidelines
Bus drivers will note student bus riders that do not ride for 10 consecutive days. These student riders will be removed from their bus routes during the monthly bus route revision process.