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Instructional Framework for Davidson County Schools

Instructional Framework for Davidson County Schools 


    One of the most important factors in student achievement is an effective teacher in the classroom. Classroom teaching is perhaps one of the most complex, challenging, and demanding professions. The complexity of our craft requires ongoing teacher learning. Learning to teach is a career-long endeavor. A shared vision of teaching and learning, opportunities to practice and receive feedback, and tools to measure progress are critical for all teachers to possess. These teacher traits enable us to fulfill our district's vision of excellence in teaching. 


     The Davidson County Schools Instructional Framework is the result of intentional, focused, and heartfelt collaborative work by stakeholders within our school district. We believe this framework truly supports our teachers, sets clear and high expectations, and shares our vision of the most important work teachers do to achieve the desired results for our students. We believe the Davidson County Schools Instructional Framework will now be a cornerstone for modeling continued improvement in student achievement in all of our schools.


Deana Coley

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction



What Is An Instructional Framework?

An Instructional Framework provides a structure supporting teachers in the design and delivery of effective instruction. This framework also identifies elements found in exemplary teaching, thus allowing teachers, school administrators, and district staff to recognize and communicate those elements with a common language. The Davidson County Schools Instructional Framework conveys to all stakeholders a clear definition of effective teaching by illustrating what teachers should know and be able to do in the domains of Curriculum, Instruction, Data and Evaluation, and Environment.




The need for a common instructional framework in Davidson County Schools was identified through an analysis of district data, a review of the professional development comprehensive needs assessment, classroom observations, and input from district educators. Teaching is complex; as such, it is helpful to have a road map structured around a shared understanding of teaching. During the 2018-2019 school year, curriculum leaders collaborated to create the initial draft of the DCS Instructional Framework. The draft was shared with numerous groups of stakeholders and revised based on feedback. Following this review and revision process, the DCS Instructional Framework will be launched in August 2019. This framework of instruction defines what should occur in every school, in every classroom, for every student, every day.




Why do we need an instructional framework in our school system?

The instructional framework:


Establishes expected professional practices, thus ensuring all teachers (veteran, experienced, and those new to the profession or

district), have a clear picture of our vision of excellence in teaching. The DCS Instructional Framework outlines the teacher's

responsibilities and the specific evidences of those responsibilities that constitute effective teaching.

Ensures greater consistency in teaching across the district, thus supporting the research-based assertion that the single most

important factor leading to student growth is the effectiveness of the classroom teacher. A well-articulated common

instructional framework provides greater consistency of instruction from classroom-to-classroom, grade-to-grade,

subject-to-subject, and school-to-school. The DCS Instructional Framework is a snapshot portrait of what should occur with

regard to teaching and learning within every classroom and school across the district.

Provides a guide for improving teaching practices by supporting and encouraging teachers to be reflective practitioners. The

common language and shared meaning of an instructional framework builds a clear definition of effective practices and their

expectations among teachers, administrators, and instructional support team members. During conversations about practice,

particularly when such conversations are organized around a common framework, teachers are able to learn from one another

and enrich their own teaching. This joint collaborative learning process allows the conversations to become rich and valuable.



As a blueprint for consistent planning and the use of research-based teaching practices, the Davidson County Schools Instructional Framework will solidify and enhance student achievement. The framework clearly defines what all teachers are to know and be able to do within their respective areas of teaching and ensures equity in learning opportunities throughout all classrooms and schools. The framework also provides a tool for building common language and shared meanings related to the teaching and learning process. It is designed to guide new teachers toward excellence in teaching and to support accomplished teachers in continuing to grow within the profession. In essence, this framework is the infrastructure critical to supporting future success for all students in Davidson County Schools.