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PowerSchool Student Information Systems Support

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Rani Watkins
SIS Coordinator
(336) 242-5511

ES Data Manager Contact, State Reporting,IAM, School Messenger,
SIS Webmaster Data Manager Tech Support, NCID Contact

[email protected]
Kristen Elberson
SIS Facilitator
(336) 242-5641

MS Data Manager Contact, 
Data Manager Supplies, Lead
Trainer Programs: EC Homebound, Homebound, 504
Jane Phelps
SIS Facilitator
(336) 242-5640

HS Data Manager/Attendance Clerk Contact Athletic Eligibility, SADLS, Incident Management/PBIS

Davidson County Schools launched the PowerSchool Parent Portal on March 31st, 2014; the beginning of the 4th Quarter of the 2013-2014 school year. It will be disabled in the summer months and available for use once the new school year begins. PowerSchool's Parent Portal is an online resource for parents that gives them access to their child's:

Grades & Attendance
Grade History
Attendance History
Teacher Comments
School Bulletin
Email Notifications detailing your child's academic progress
Useful Links:

IAM Service

SSO Service for HomeBase Applications including:

PowerSchool, PowerTeacher, SchoolNet, EVAAS and more


Training for PowerSchool

NCDPI Homebase/PowerSchool

NCDPI Informational Website


NCID System

Statewide Student Search

NCDPI Online Licensure System

NCDPI Website to Verify Teacher Licensure
SchoolNet Resources Center