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​CTE Honors courses differentiate instruction for advanced learners through extensions and enrichment of the standard course blueprint. Appropriate instructional materials and methods as well as assessment practices support the extended and enriched content. All CTE Honors courses (unless Inherently Honors*) are required to have a portfolio that provides evidence of what is taught, how it is taught, and how it is assessed. The following is a list of CTE Honors and Inherently Honors courses currently offered in Davidson County Schools. Not every CTE Honors course is offered at every high school so please consult with your school's Career Development Coordinator for a complete list.

Accounting 2 Honors*
Animal Science 2 Honors--Large Animal
Animal Science 2 Honors--Small Animal
Drafting 2 Honors--Architectural
Drafting 3 Honors--Architectural*
Drafting 2 Honors--Engineering
Drafting 3 Honors--Engineering*
Exploring Robotics with Electronics 1 Honors*
Foods 2 Honors--Technology*
Health Science 2 Honors
Medical Sciences 2 Honors
Veterinary Assisting Honors*
PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design Honors* (AP Weight)
PLTW Principles of Engineering Honors* (AP Weight)
PLTW Digital Electronics Honors* (AP Weight)
PLTW Engineering Design & Development Honors

*Courses that are Inherently Honors do not require a portfolio and are considered at a higher level of rigor at their standard course blueprint.

Below are two files that contain the Honors Portfolio Template and a Quick Reference Guide.