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Work-Based Learning

Work-based learning experiences offered by Davidson County Schools include strategies that allow schools to go beyond the classroom and into the community to develop curriculum competencies. Students are able to consider different careers, learn workplace behavior, develop industry-specific skills and apply academic skills to the real world of career opportunities.

Work-based Learning experiences include:

High school apprenticeships : designed to help students develop workplace skills in a high-wage, high-skill training environment. Students receive graduation credits and paid apprenticeship training that can lead to adult apprenticeship following graduation. High school apprenticeships follow state and federal guidelines including registration with the Department of Labor and the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training. A work process document is developed which lists the skills a student will be learning and the number of hours required for each skill during the course of the experience. A schedule of classroom instruction related to the student's training is also developed (download the Apprenticeship Handbook from the North Carolina Department of Instruction).

High school cooperative education : designed to help students develop work-place skills while still in high school. Students receive graduation credits and paid work-based experience based on a formal plan of training.

A teaching/career internship: an experience that allows a student to observe and participate in on the job experience with a community professional. Students earn graduation credit for the experience. This is an unpaid learning experience.

Job shadowing :an experience that provides students with the opportunity to spend a designated amount of time (usually a day) on-the-job with a person who is a successful role model in the career area of the student's choice.

To learn more about work-based learning opportunities, please contact the Career Development Coordinator at your school.